Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ceremonies and Muffins.

My classes are going quite well. It makes me happy when I completely understand something that is going on in Chemistry or Math. Biology is harder to understand, but I am getting there.

Every day I take a little bitty muffin to school, and they are so good. Everything about pastries or deserts are done better in Spain. Probably in all of Europe, I have just yet to travel the rest.

However, the ceremony. Lord, I laugh just thinking about it. Not because it was funny, but because I had to speak in front of the entire course. In Spanish. Speak in English? No problem. Spanish? Can I have a piece of paper to go off of?

But it was a very interesting ceremony. If my school had more exchanges other than Germany and Spain, I would suggest it.

What they do is there are a number of flag poles out in a big courtyard area. There is one in the middle with the Spanish flag, and the others are the school's flag.

They take down the closest school flag to the Spanish flag, play the anthem of the country visiting, and raise that country's flag. So now, there is an American and Spanish flag flying with 5 or 6 other flags of the school. It is a whole ceremony and very interesting.

I said something, thanking them for receiving me.

The head of the school was there. He was extremely nice, telling everyone I was the "best". I promise, I won't get a big head.

Carlos introduced me, I talked, the principal talked, and then everything was over. It was quick but very appreciated.

I have a Spanish class where I speak in Spanish for the hour with the teacher. I am definitely learning new vocabulary words. His accent is different, so I need things to be repeated sometimes, but it is very cool.

I really like those muffins, though. I might bring a bag with me back. Along with Fanta de Naranja because it is so much better here. That 8% of juice definitely makes the difference.

I am having fun and getting to know my classmates better.

I will try to update more, but I mostly have the same day every weekday. This weekend I am attending a wedding, which I am excited to see something new.


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