Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wedding Time!

Okay, this is a week late, but I finally had wifi on my phone! 

Today was definitely one of those days I will never forget. It was filled with beautiful sites and beautiful people.

The wedding began at 12. In the prettiest church I have ever been in. It was completely white on the outside. The insides was impressive, as well. 

It was an hour long mass. I was, and still am, obsessed with Maria's, the bride, dress. Absolutely beautiful. 
Her train. It was a bit longer. 

It had a modest amount of white lace, along with tan lace in the front on the shoulders. I loved her dress. More than any I have ever seen. And I have seen many. 

After the wedding, everyone went outside and threw flowers at the couple. 
Everyone wore hats, like in the UK. I definitely loved them. Very classy. 

This is Gabi, father of the bride and close friend of my host parents. He and his wife, Pepe, will have dinner with us every so often. They're so sweet. 

Please, notice his tie. I loved it and told him. Everyone was dressed so amazingly. 

 Okay, so Cayetano, the groom, has a farm of horses. So it was appropriate for them to arrive by the transportation of horses like a royal couple. 

After they had their grand entrance, a man and woman walked up, the man on a horse. The woman was a Flamenco dancer, which I have been obsessed with them and their dresses since I have gotten here. 

Then, they started dancing. Including the horse. 
 I will find a way to upload the video I took. It was ridiculously impressive. 

I had to take a picture of these ladies. The lady in the center, blue dress, is Pepe. She, also, has a peculiar head piece on. I haven't found out what they're called, but many women wore them. 

My host brother told me that he didn't really like them, so they ladies we were eating with shook their heads. It was funny. However, I really like them. They're different and very pretty. I saw tan, white, and black. Not sure of the significance of the colors. 

And that being said, I have never seen so much food at a wedding. We had a cocktail hour for two hours. The food was amazing, as always. I tried everything, so be proud, Mom. I wasn't picky! And everything was amazing. 

We ate a lot of ham, which is better here than anywhere in the world. Or so I am guessing. The man even made Ham Art, or "arte de jamón" as I called it. 

Once we say down for dinner, the menu took me aback. 
Every line is a different plate. The first section was cocktail hour. 

Then we had appetizers. 
Two kinds of ham and cheese, which I love. 

Then, more appetizers. 
Two different types of shrimp. I was in heaven. The shrimp here is amazing. 

Okay, the food here is ridiculous. For the 284660 time. 

Then, another appetizer. 
Lemon sorbet. Which I probably could have drank four of these because it was awesome. And pretty to look at, right?

Finally, the FIRST plate. I was pretty sure my first plate had been two hours before. But it was the last plate of actual food before dessert. 
Filet with caramelized onions, potatoes, and mushrooms. 

Sorry, family. I didn't eat the mushrooms or onions. You know my extent. But there weren't many on my plate, and Pablo, who eats for 2, ate mine. 

The filet was, again, ridiculous. The juices from the onions made it somewhat sweet. Which was VERY delicious. 

Finally, POSTRE. We literally don't even know what it is called. On the menu, it was "The Specialty of Pepita Vasquez". 
It was delicious, of course. 

I met a lot of people. They family we sat with were of three sisters, making me think that it was going to be me and my sisters in 20 years. They were all really nice. 

One of the couples lives near us in Écija. Their daughter was the cutest think I have ever seen. Her name is Elena. I have been told to come and visit before they live a minute away. 

I had so much fun, meeting new people and eating so much Spanish food. It is just one of those things not everyone gets to experience, and I am so glad that I got the chance! 

Hasta luego. 


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