Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lots of Things Happening.

We have been doing a lot this week, making me tired. But it's been really funny, especially the people I have met. 

They took me to a party for a group from a church one night. I had no idea that it was actually a Catholic traditional service. I am not sure what its name is because I am not Catholic, but it is when they have the group there to eat the bread and drink the wine. I understand the significance. 

Afterward was when fun began. It became a really big get together. There were 3 grills and they cooked and served everyone. It was kind of like a cook-out in the US. It was really amazing and fun. I had a grilled sardine, and yes, it was good. 
This was the set up, and it was so pretty on the farm that it was held. 
At around midnight, a group of them came out in Bollywood style clothing and danced. It was really funny and everyone enjoyed the faces that a guy in the group made as he danced. 

We had dinner a couple nights ago with two couples that are friends of my host parents. One woman was from Barcelona - I have never heard someone talk to fast in my life. It was really funny because she kept calling me "Macarena". It is actually a Spanish name, but it made me laugh. They were all really nice and made me laugh. 

We went to Sevilla for a party for a friend of my host brother. It was really fun and everyone was really sweet. Everyone kept saying "GUAPA" to me, which means pretty. It was formal and I met a girl named Macarena. It made me laugh. Her nickname is Maca. 
This is me with Maca and Paco, another party goer. 

It was really fun. We went to a McDonalds for dinner with a group of them. It made me laugh when I ordered my fries and drink to go and this is what I saw:
They put my drink in a bag and then put it in a bigger bag along with my fries. I honestly thought it was the weirdest thing. The fries were a lot saltier than I thought they would be. But the McDonalds here is very different. 

It's been a big week. We've been shopping and figuring out about the school. I am ready to see my friends from last year that I miss. Luna and Bea (Luna is a german exchange student from last year at my school and will be at the same school as me in Sevilla for 2 months, Bea is a girl who came to my school on exchange last year)keep messaging me because we all can't wait to see each other.

I am excited to start school but nervous just as well. 

I miss my friends and family. There is always someone I meet that reminds me of someone in the states. 

I will try to post as much as I can. 



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