Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reading, Studying, More Reading

The title says it all. That has been my last two days. I am happy, though, because I never have time to read at school or home. I have knocked out 4 books so far! 

For those who don't know, I seriously am staying in a palace. Well, not literally. The home in Écija is so beautiful. 
I am currently sitting on second floor where I get the most wifi. It is so beautiful. Again, adding things to the list for a perfect house. 

We went to the mall yesterday because Alicia, my host sister leaves tomorrow for Holland for 6 months on a college study abroad. She needed a larger suitcase to fit her winter coats in because its really cold in Holland. 

It was very different. One of the stored we went in (a super market) had dried lamb legs everywhere in the food area. Along with a case of brains and intestines. The sign said organs on it. It was strange, but the cokes are cheaper in super markets here. It was equal to $1, when usually they're $1.50. 

Tomorrow Alicia leaves, and in a week and a half I begin school! 

Defining excited. 

Until next time,

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