Monday, August 26, 2013



Descansar. Relax. That is all we did today. And it was much needed. Me and Alicia slept until 11:45. I enjoyed that very much. And we read all day. I should have been studying, but I read a book on my phone instead. I left my actual book that I brought in Eníjca. 

My host parents left the house for a while, so all the children (even though I am the only technical child in this house) read all day. I finished that book. It was a long book. And now I plan to get the second one once I have WEE-FEE. (Don't be surprised if I come back to the US pronouncing it like that. )

We young adults had "sausages" for lunch but really they were hot dogs. And tomato paste stuff that was exactly like ketchup, but less acid. They were Oscar Meyer hot dogs. Woo for something my stomach is familiar with!

Also, we had these after the hot dogs:
They were pretty much Nacho Cheese. Very nice to see a familiar food. 

Also, Fanta de Naranja, or as English speakers say, Orange Fanta, is now my favorite drink. I am always careful when I drink it because I can already hear my orthodontist telling my I need to drink clear sodas if I drink any. Also, coffee. I have coffee everyday. Cafe con Leche. I brush my teeth after every time I drink one of these. So do you hear that, Grandma and Mom? I am trying. It is just very hard to say no when my eyelids barely stay open in the morning. 

And in the afternoon. 

And after dinner. 

Well, today was a nice lazy day. We ate most of the food tonight because we leave tomorrow for another hotel in the West of Spain. And guess what? There is wifi. (I hope you just read that with an accent because I do when I type it). 

Well, hasta mañana. 

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