Sunday, August 25, 2013

Long Walks on a Long Mountain


Today a really beautiful mountain. I have way too many pictures, it's sad. 

After twisting both my ankles because of random rocks, we made it safely to the car. I am proud of my 3 hours long walk. The sights were the best part:

I went kind off of the trail while my host family rested and climbed up a little part of the actual mountain.

I persuaded her to join me!

I know this post is mostly photos, but that was my day. Photos while walking. It was hot, mostly because I was in jeans. (This was because my host family insisted that I wear pants because it is cold in the mountains and my actual sport pants were used the day before. This is the day I learn that cold is much different word to me.)

I definitely enjoyed it! They kept asking me if Alabama is green! It made me laugh. 

Hasta luego!


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