Monday, August 12, 2013

Three Days in a Nutshell

These pass few days have been a blur, but extremely fun.

Saturday was especially fun and everyone enjoyed my plans for the day. My family and Marta met my two  friends, Lisa and Cassidee, at a local restaurant where everyone enjoyed home cooked and southern food with milkshakes for desert.

We went from lunch to a local painting studio where Lisa, Cassidee, and I accidentally chose the same painting to do. Marta chose a painting that I wouldn't try to paint because it looked so difficult, but she painted it perfectly with ease. In the end, they all were masterpieces.

All the girls and our paintings.

Marta and me. 

Marta, my sister, and I painting.

(top) My painting
(bottom) Marta's painting

We ended our day with much needed rest.

The next day, Sunday, was Move-In Day. Marta was very nervous, but excited to move in. We successfully moved her into her room. She liked all of the bedding we got her and had many snacks to supply her between meals and for late night hunger.

After many names she would forget but faces she wouldn't, Marta was very excited and had met plenty of people. She shadowed Cassidee today. Tuesday she will chose her classes!

Tonight and tomorrow, Tuesday, will be mostly focused on packing, getting last minute items, and checking off my list!

The excitement is definitely growing.


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