Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Infamous First Post

Though I have not left for Spain yet, I feel as if I am never going to leave my bedroom.

My counter-exchange student's name is Marta. She lives in Seville, Spain with her parents and two siblings.

She arrives tomorrow. TOMORROW. Now, I have realized that I am really going ever since I bought my plane ticket; however, it is still surreal.

My room has clothes scattered everywhere because of packing. I have only one checked, fifty pound suit case to pack necessities in. For an American girl that likes to shop, this is going to be challenging.

The school I will be attending wears uniforms. Nothing unbearable, just hotter once it reaches noon.  So other than that, I have to chose what to pack. From packing tip videos to blogs, I will master packing for my trip (hopefully) tomorrow.

It is still surreal. I am expecting for it not to sink in until I get on the plane. And maybe not even then.

Because it is 3:02 am on 8/7, I should probably take a break from packing and stressing to get some sleep.

Enjoy the delightful mustache that I plan to end every post with.


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  1. I am SO glad Jessica gave me the link to your blog. I am looking forward to reading about all your adventures :)

    Love ya!
    (I've been trying to post this comment for two or three days now! Had problems getting it to "recognize" my Wordpress sign-in for some reason so I finally just gave up and commented using my Google ID)