Friday, August 9, 2013


Today was our first day with Marta. Our language barrier wasn't very complicated thanks to hand motions and the fact that we've both taken the language for 5+ years.

We took Marta to Waterville USA in Gulf Shores and to the Original Oyster House. Needless to say, she had fun and we are all extremely tired. My parents let her try everything that we ordered (6 meals, and one had three different foods). Learning words dealing with seafood was really fun. The menu was hard to explain, but luckily we both weren't starving and all I had to help her with were the appetizers. She was officially as full as an American.

I got her to taste the cheese grits and raw oysters. She loved the oysters. She, also, loved the cheese grits, but in the beginning, she picked up a fry and went to dip it in the grits. It made us a laugh and she picked up a fork and loved them.

The humidity was was very new thing for her. She said it felt like it was suffocating.

Today was very fun and an amazing experience.


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