Friday, August 16, 2013

The First Day

I got to Sevilla on time! Which is very rare because of flight issues... I had a wonderful lunch and went to sleep at 5pm. I slept for twelve hours. 
(From left to right): my host mother, host father, me, and my host sister; my host brother took the picture.)

My host family loved their gifts, also! For my host mother: a Vera Bradley apron and a candle that smells like blueberries. My host father: homemade fig and strawberry jelly and a local cookbook that has helped Camp Smile. For my host sister: a Vera Bradley bag with her initial. And for my host brother: a wonderful Auburn shirt! We have to represent everywhere! WAR EAGLE

Today we left the house in Eníjca - which is extremely beautiful. (My host parents are doctors and work work in Sevilla, but on the weekends, they go to their old house 20 minutes outside of Sevilla, in Eníja. 

We left the house at 7am. We were all tired, even me despite the fact that I had slept thirteen or so hours. We stopped after two hours for breakfast. The place was very big, bigger than the restaurants in the US. It was buffet style, but you payed for everything separately. 

I had a pastry called Piernono. It might be called that. Or something else... Despite the unknown, it was amazing and probably the best "dulce" I have ever tasted. 

We then traveled about six more hours. We ate lunch, which was very interesting. My salad had tuna or some kind of fish in it, so I scraped it to the side because I don't like tuna. However, when I took a bite of the salad, the lettuce tasted like tuna. It was alright, but the chicken I ordered was very good. 

The salsa in the US is very different in Spain. It's green and has no spice in it. It is very good!

We arrived in Sepulveda at 6 or 7. This "pueblo" is amazing. It reminds me of all the houses you see in pictures of Greece, but they are darker. 

The city is on a big mountain overlooking a wonderful canyon. It is quite beautiful. After walking to the highest point that is home to one of the seven cathedrals, you could say we were tired. 

Though in the pictures, it doesn't look very high, it was. However, it was beautiful. To all my WOW ladies, that retreat was nothing compared to this. 

We ate dinner at 10pm - which is when I should go to sleep. It was good and very filling. 

All I want to do now is sleep. It is 12:15am and we are kayaking in the river in the canyon tomorrow. I am excited yet exhausted already. 

But it is very fun and an amazing experience. 

For some reason, my English is slowly going away. Writing this was more challenging than I expected. 

Now, I will sleep until I have to wake up. 


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