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Today we woke up, late for them, and rushed out the door to the city of Santander. It was a cross between New Orleans and, I think, New York or London. It was so cool. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures. We went everywhere. I had wifi for, like, a second. Not enough to upload anything. 

A church/cathedral in Santander. 

The bank with a quite handsome and dapper looking fellow in front. His name was Alfonso XXIII, the grandfather of the current king of Spain (and former king of Spain). 

This is, kind of, the greeting for visitors in the city. It is a monument commemorating when they became free from the French. 

The bay was really pretty. There were mostly sail boats out because it was quite windy. 

This is definitely one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. It was completely filled with boats. 

That night we ate outside in a little area beside a pond. It was really cute and sweet. When I sat down, this is what was put in front of me:

I looked at my host family and said, "it has a face." They all laughed and said that fish do have heads. It was definitely not my favorite way to eat a fish, but it was really good. There was ham in the middle of the fish. I almost screamed because I thought it was the insides of the fish. It was really good as well! We have peanuts, too! I love the Spanish word for peanut: cacahuate. It is fun to say. 

We are heading to the Altamira Caves tomorrow! Yay!

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